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Date:2003-04-08 10:57

This will be my last entry on the livejournal site. Thanks to the Livejournal crew for getting me going. I am now hosting my own web site from my Linux box at home. You can keep up to date with me over at http://www.sewerden.com

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Date:2002-11-18 16:09
Subject:Her Royal Majesty in INDY!

I'm going to the Bif Naked concert! I'm going to the Bif Naked concert! WOO-HOO!! A co-worker of mine is a pilot and, although he doesn't dig Bif, he's lookin' for an excuse to fly to INDY, so he's gonna fly me down there! Another co-worker's tagging along as well! It'll be a 1 hour 15 minute hop from South Bend in one of those little 4-seaters, but it sure beats a 3 hour drive! I was scheduled to be all over MI for work this week, but everything's getting cancelled, so now I can go! This is gonna be such a great show! If you're in INDY, it's at Birdy's Bar and Grill on Thursday! GO!

Bif rocks hard.

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Date:2002-10-31 11:16
Subject:What a rat.

It is my humble opinion that Lawrence Lockwood is a rat of the lowest possible denominator. Go here to find out why I believe this:



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Date:2002-10-22 20:46
Subject:My baby

Well, the Thunderbird is home. It's been home for - what? - two weeks now? Yes, the trip was quite fun and we got her back without so much as a scratch. I've driven it now probably a total of 6 or so times since I've gotten it. This last Sunday afternoon I took it out to my dad's shop to replace the generator (which I figured I'd need to do when I bought the car). That and the voltage regulator are about the biggest things I've had to do to it! I love it!

Lately I've been spending more time in the garage (go figure). I've actually cleaned a lot of it up and done some organizing of the tools on the workbench. I took an old fluorescent light fixture from my basement that I wasn't using and strung it up in the garage over the workbench, so now I have ample lighting out there. I have the kerosene heater that I bought last winter during our 3-day power outage due to an ice storm, so I'm planning on using that in the garage this winter to keep it toasty while I do things like detail the interior chrome and paint in all the little inset circles on the trip around the tail lights. I even took my old stereo and a portable CD player my sister had given me for my birthday or Christmas one year and have that all set up out there. Yep, just a coupla stogies and the garage is good to go for endless hours of Thunderbird admiration!

I also mailed in my membership to the Vintage Thunderbird Club International last week. At first I thought, "hey, this'll be cool. I'll take the Thunderbird to the VTCI events and maybe meet some chicks! SWEET!" Then I realized that there's a good chance that I'll be the youngest member. Ooookaaaay. ixnay on the ickchay. Oh well, it'll still be a good time to take the bird out and check out some other birds while I'm at it. There's lots of little things I still need to figure out about the engine and transmission. The engine and tranny in my Thunderbird are out of a '62 Thunderbird. It's not original, but it's cool because the 390 wasn't available in 1958. :) Anyway, although the 352 and 390 are practically identical engines, I've found in thumbing through my '58 manual that there are some subtle little nuances about what the 352 looked like and the 390. Valve covers, for instance. On the 352 in '58 there were these little clips that held the plug wires up off the engine. They're positioned a little differently on the 390 in my car. I'm missing the plastic clips too. Anyway, my point is that I plan to spend much of next Spring and Summer looking at other squarebirds to help me learn more about mine.

Other than that kind of stuff, I plan to spend much of the Winter sitting in the garage wishing for warmer weather. *sigh*

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Date:2002-10-04 16:30
Subject:It's done.

I did it. It was just a matter of time. Seeing all those glorious squarebirds at Auburn for the second year in a row just put me over the edge. Tomorrow morning my Dad and a buddy of his and I are leaving with trailer in tow to pick up the latest addition to the Nelson Collection - a beautiful 1958 Ford Thunderbird! I can't wait. This has been THE longest work week I can ever remember. I actually drove up to the Detroit suburbs last Sunday night and looked at it with my dad. That pretty much clinched it. The visit ended with my running to the ATM to pull out the deposit money! It helped the week pass more quickly that I went over to my folks' "project house" and did some work a couple of nights. Painting trim and stuff helped keep my mind off the T-bird. This bird is NICE, too. I mean, the inside looks brand new. And the body has practically NO rust anywhere. It runs great. Man, I wish it was here already.

Ok, I gotta stop talking about it because I can literally feel time slowing down...

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Date:2002-09-24 15:53
Subject:People are idiots

If someone were to do a study on those occupations which employed individuals with the least amount of common sense, business people - executives, managers, director, what have you - those that hold "office jobs" would be at the top of the list.

My buddy Don knows when I'm having a rough day when I ask him for a cigarette and disappear for about 15 minutes. I don't even smoke cigarettes. I smoke cigars and my pipe. Sometimes, though, on those really bad days...

I just got done smoking a cigarette. So I'm sitting outside smoking and this guy walks by with a leaf blower. Obviously he works for the grounds keeping service that we employ for our office building. So I see this guy and he's about my age - maybe a couple of years younger, and he strikes me as just this really content, happy person, doing his job OUTSIDE on a BEAUTIFUL DAY. I see this guy and I'm incredibly jealous.

He's not worried about responding to a computer issue within 15 minutes in some stupid time tracking program. He doesn't have to deal with people. He's just enjoying the beautiful day we're having. Using his own hands and earning an honest buck.

Is anyone else ever jealous of these kind of people?

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Date:2002-09-12 17:03

The people that run the Scifi channel are idiots. There's just no other way to express what I feel. They've cancelled the fifth seasion of Farscape. Fortunately, there are many, many fans that are upset by this and it sounds like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel yet. Go here


and get info on what you can do to help keep Farscape alive.

Go now.


Quit reading. Go.

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Date:2002-08-25 17:30
Subject:Lexmark Lameness

Ok, so I feel like I've just been had. I watch TechTV pretty much all the time - especially The Screen Savers. They're airing all these ads for the new Lexmark all-in-one printer on that channel. Up until about a half hour ago, this new x83 was my favorite printer ever. It's a printer, scanner and copier all in one package.

Anyway, so I have it hooked up to my XP box via USB. I'd had trouble getting my 98 box to see it via file and printer sharing so I figured the driver that came with it was outdated and I downloaded the latest driver. No luck. So, I tried looking up some help in the knowledge (or lack thereof) base on their web site. "The x83 printer is not supported for networking".

???? What? ????

Who the hell makes a printer today that can't be networked into a LAN?! That's just about the most ridiculous thing I've EVER heard of. More and more people are setting up LANs in thier homes anymore. Being network compatible should be a given, people. I shot an e-mail to support, so we'll see what they have to say. If it truly can't be shared in a network I'm taking it back to Circuit City and getting my money back. That's just plain stupid. C'mon, who's going to ask "Is this printer network compatible?". Even if you DID ask, the person at the store is going to say "Yes, all the printers we sell are". I mean, duh.

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Date:2002-08-22 20:08
Subject:There and back again

Well, another San Diego has come and gone. Aside from a couple of interuptions from work *razm, frazm*, I had a fanTASTIC time! Needless to say, just about the coolest thing was talking Star Wars and comics with Jan some more. She drew Marc and I the MOST AWESOME drawings (I can't call them sketches)! Marc got a SWEET shot of Quin and Aayla (not unlike that beautiful piece of art adorning the cover of Star Wars #44 that just came out last week) and I, of course, got my favorite rascally mercenary - Villie! As soon as I get some more web space somewhere I'll put them both up. Jan may put them up on her site as well - you can probably find out at www.worldfamouscomics.com and check out her thread. She had us scan them in and send them to her. We talked quite a bit with Jan on different things going on with the books. We also found out a cool thing at the Dark Horse panel on Star Wars comics - they're going to do the Clone Wars! Starting around issue # 49 or #50 they're going to pick RIGHT up after Episode II and go into detail about the Clone Wars! How cool is that!

Marc and I also got to meet Jan's husband - Tom Mandrake - who gave Marc and I a complete set of Creeps # 1-4 (very cool book). SWEET! Thanks Tom!

Let's see...there's so much to talk about...I also met two of the femmes from Andromeda - Lexa Doig (Rommie) and Laura Bertram (Trance)! They were very cool. During a panel by Tribune Entertainment the night before I poked fun at Trance's tail (or the absence thereof) and she was a really good sport about it. The Mutant X cast was there as well. We got to see previews of both shows' upcoming seasons.

I met Virginia Hey! She played Zann on Farscape. She was a SUPER nice person to talk with. Unfortunately, the weeks I was out there Scifi aired the episode where her character returned and I missed it. Oh well, that's what re-runs are for....

I also got to see - not really "meet" James Cameron, Ang Lee, Bryan Singer (X-Men 2 - WOO-HOO!!) and Ben Affleck! James Cameron was there for T3, I heard after the fact, but he showed a panel both Marc and I were in some footage from the upcoming Solaris, starring George Clooney. It looks like 2001 revisted. Ang Lee was there, of course for the upcoming Hulk movie and showed some behind the scenes pics from that. Bryan Singer was there for X-Men 2 and showed some unbelievable footage from that (incidentally, I heard it's up online now) and Ben Affleck was there for the upcoming Daredevil movie, which is another one I have great expectations for. We got to see some really SWEET footage from that as well.

Of course, I also hung out at the CrossGen booth quit a bit. I STILL haven't won anything from those blankety-blank raffles they do at the end of each day of the show! I will win one....oh yes....I will win one....

Everyone at CrossGen, of course, was super cool. I got to goof a little with Chuck Dixon and Scot Eaton while he drew me a picture of Roiya *hummina, hummina* Sintor from the comic SIGIL. I'll try and get that put up on the web too. I told Barbara Kesel that she needed to try harder to win Jan away from Dark Horse. That's a really tough one for me. Jan is SO perfect for the Star Wars books (especially because she's like the single biggest Star Wars fan on the PLANET), but at the same time I'm this HUGE CrossGen fan and, knowing that everybody at CrossGen (except some really BONE headed creators, but we won't mention any names....*cough* *cough* *coMark Waidugh* *cough*) absolutely LOVE it there, I want the best for Jan too. Sometimes I just don't think people get it. I mean, when you get people who love the medium and you bring them all together like CrossGen has, they practically combust with creative energies! It's a truly awesome thing to behold and a truly exciting thing for the comic book fans (such as yours truly). I told Jan I thought she should think of pitching her own title to CrossGen under their Code6 banner or something. That way she could dig working for CrossGen and still keep doing the Star Wars book. She wants to do "dark" and I think she feels that a lot of CrossGen titles are too "bright". I can see that to a degree - especially so maybe with the first 4 titles they launched. I showed her a copy of "The Path", though and I think she really dug the look of that book. It's a very dark book that takes place in a feudal Japan-type era. We'll see. Hopefully I planted a seed.

Ok, that's all on San Diego. For now at least. Next post I'll talk about L.A.

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Date:2002-07-17 10:34

Ok, so I'm in the middle of a conference call and we've spent the last 20 minutes talking about linking to Citrix NFUSE page old vs. linking to Citrix NFUSE page new. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Users are going to just add the one they like to their favorites anyway. Let's move along people.....

The way I figure, this company just flushed about $3,500 down the toilet.

Money go down the hooooOOoole.....

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Date:2002-07-14 22:08
Subject:Just 11 days to go....

Soon and very soon I'll be in sunny SoCal!! I can't wait. Mr. Tran called me this afternoon to find out when I'd be out there. I told him Huy and I would definately be paying him a visit, so that Mrs. Tran can start thinking about what she'd gonna cook! The Tran's are Vietnamese and Mrs. Tran is one helluva good cook! They owned this resteraunt I used to work at in high school called The Oriental Express. To this day, that's still one of the best damn jobs I ever had. Everyone that worked there was like this super close-knit family. I LOVED going to work! It was so much fun! Not that I don't dig what I do today, because I very much do. It's just that, even though I have some good friends where I work today, it's nothing compared to back then.

Ok, so I started as the dishwasher. They did eventually teach me how to cook. I even have one of the old woks and an old menu from the place. Oh, and I have something else very cool! There was this wall that they painted all these asian pictures on - it was all scenes from actual pictures they had in frames. I have those pictures. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really shoud dig those up and get them in some nice frames. When the Trans moved out to LA they couldn't take a lot of their pictures and stuff with them, so I volunteered to store them at my place until they were ready to have me ship them out there. Mr. Tran was going to throw out this BEAUTIFUL huge painting that Huy staked his claim on. It's literally on a door - I mean it's on a door and it hangs long-wise on my wall. Since we took it to the local shipping place and they said it'd be about $450 to ship it out to LA, Huy's letting me borrow it. I don't mind. :) It really looks great on my living room wall.

So yeah, I'm gonna hang in LA for awhile with Huy. The last time I stopped off out there I was on my way to San Francisco for work and we hit this little bar at the end of Franklin - the stree Huy lives on - called Ye Rustic Inn. I kid you not, I met Christina Ricci there. Of course, like the goober I am, I had no idea it was Christina Ricci and I made a complete ass out of myself. It's a true story though and a pretty fun one, but I'll save it for later.

I have to go to work tomorrow. So I was SO ahead of schedule on this stuff at work, right? Then Friday afternoon Carrie tells me there's this certain piece of logic I need to have in all my HAL routines. It'll take me at LEAST one solid day to work that into each HAL. ug. Besides the fact that I have a slug of reports that need to be written as well. Such is life. I'll just make sure I take some good tunes tomorrow. Maybe I'll even stop and pick up some Jolt or that new stuff - Blue Balls...? What kinda name is that for a caffinated beverage, anyway? I mean seriously - don't YOU think of that great old VanHalen tune 'Black and Blue'? I don't think I could think of a more unappealing name. I must be missing something....

On that note, adieu.

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Date:2002-07-09 16:41

I hate coming back to work after nice long weekends like the one I just had. Yesterday was horrible. I couldn't think of any place on Earth I LEAST wanted to be besides work.

The weekend sure was fun, though....

Friday I hit the Chicago comic-con, or WizardWorld as it's called these days. That was a good time. It was WAY better organized than last year (hats off to Wizard for that one). The CrossGen booth was where I lingered most. They had the biggest booth this year. At any given time there were 8 different creators (writers / artists) there doing signings and sketches. CrossGen is so cool. I can't say that enough. I mean, these guys are sitting there doing FREE SKETCHES!! How cool is that?! I got a sketch from Butch Guice, artist for "Ruse", Bart Sears, artist for "The Path" and Jeff Johnson, artist for "The Way of the Rat". Plus I got a TON of autographs from almost everyone there. I even got to chat briefly with the big cheese, the man of the hour, the head honcho, the person who is TURNING THE COMICS INDUSTRY ON IT'S EAR - Mark Alessi. He's super nice. I ran into Kelly of Buy Me Toys (www.buymetoys.com), my local comic shop and kind of came into meeting Mr. Alessi on her "coat tails", as it were. Buy Me Toys is a CrossGen premiere retailer.

I also found Jan in Artist's Alley. We chatted for awhile. She's very cool. She's an AWESOME artist. I can't say this enough, either. When people think of Star Wars comics, she's the artist that comes to mind first. She's great. She showed me a "peek" of some pages of the upcoming issues and all I can say is "WOW"! At Celebration II in Indy earlier this year she got some headshots of Amy Allen (Aayla Secure from Ep.II) and it's really helped her draw the character. It's uncanny how good it looks and how much like Amy Aayla looks. I stopped by Amy's booth at the con, too. She and her mom both thought that it was pretty amazing how much like Amy Aayla looked in the comic.

Well, I gotta cut this short so that I can drive out to Elkhart to help my mother with their LAN there at the American Red Cross. Maybe I'll write more about the con later.

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Date:2002-07-04 20:28

That's what my bud, Tim and I are. I have my laptop plugged into his network. I'm browsing, downloading stuff for my new palm (thanks, Tim!) and updating my journal. Tim just finished assembling his new desktop and installing Windows 2000. I think he's ripping some songs on it now, but he's already onto the next thing - assembling (re-assembling?) his Linux box. I love hanging out with this guy...not that either one of us couldn't do this sort of stuff all alone, I guess. It's just nicer, I suppose to know that you're not alone in your geekfulness.

Tim lives in Chicago. I love Chicago. This afternoon we went down to Grant Park for the free concert. We stayed and listened to Midnight Oil. They were really good. They played for about an hour and a half, it seemed. We ran into another friend of ours there - Ann Marie Olson - AMO, for short. She's cool. We did lots of shows together when we were both at North Park College. She's actually working for North Park now - with like Alumni planning or somesuch. That's why she was at Grant Park. Both Tim and I got little postcards about how the "decalums" - or alumni from the last 10 years were going to be there. She organized it, I guess. Not a big turnout, but I'm glad we went. It was nice to see her and chat for awhile.

Well, the Giordano's pizza outta be here anytime. We rented Rollerball (we felt like seeing something bad) and Orange County.

Tomorrow's the Chicago Comic-con! I'm going to go geek out there for most of the day. Tim has to work. There's supposed to be a sneak peek of both the HULK movie and X-Men2 tomorrow, which should be cool. I'm most looking forward to visiting the CrossGen booth and seeing Jan Duursema. Jan's super cool. She's the artist of all the best Star Wars comics that Dark Horse publishes. My other comic geek friend Marc and I see her all the time at the shows and we e-mail every now and then. Jan's actually created some of the coolest characters in the "expanded Lucasverse" for the comic. ACTUALLY, one was liked by Lucas so much that she made the leap from comic to movie (this has NEVER happened before, to my knowledge). Aayla Secura, played by Amy Allen was in Episode II. She's one of the few remaining jedi at the end of the big battle. She's the blue Twilek (tentacle-head) character. She's actually a jedi padawan. Her master is another creation of Jan's - Quinlan Voss. I don't know if Jan's the sole creator in all these characters. I think she may be "co-creator" with John Ostrander, but I'm not sure. At any rate, she's going to be there, so it'll be nice to chat with her on her upcoming projects. Dark Horse is actually going to start a second book - so they'll have two "Republic" and "Empire". Jan's stuff has predominantly been in the Eps. 1,2,3 - or the "Republic" timeline. I'm interested to see if she's going to delve into the other book or not.

Pizza's here!!!

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Date:2002-06-26 09:52

Ok, so this is my first post. Please don't begrudge me a little "This is SO COOL!". For months I've been dinking around with my computers at home thinking "someday I'll be cool and have web services running on my home network and I'll even start a blog like TV's Wil Wheaton" (www.wilwheaton.net). I'm still putzing around on my computers - my Linux machine mostly -but heck, I don't need all that to start a blog now!! Thanks to the folks of LiveJournal.com.

I actually stumbled across this place surfing over at www.thescreensavers.com and saw that Morgan had a place here.

Ok, that's enough of a first post to allow me to play with the different settings and options on the page. If you've happened to find me here, please post any info or tips you may have as I'm a newbie.

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